Tamer Hosny Album Launch Event 2022


It is our pleasure to organize the launch of Tamer Hosny’s new album “Aashaangy” at Al-Alamein Festival 2022. With more than 15,000 attendees, the event was full to capacity. It was fortunate that Summer 2022’s most prominent event was 100% ours, from Artist Booking to Event Production to Event Organizing to Sponsorships. It wouldn’t have been possible to put on such a memorable event without the support of our partners and sponsors.  include Incent, Amazon Entertainment,  Sky Dive Pharaohs, Cottonil, Concrete, Banque Du Caire, Hayat, Abd El Maaboud, Coca-Cola, The United Bank, Molto, Domty, Alnahar channels Network, Nogoum FM, Anghami, Magnificent, Tazkarti.

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